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Psychotherapy Services

InterFaith Shelter Network provides a wide range of psychotherapy services including individual therapy, child therapy, alcohol treatment, drug treatment, and counseling dedicated to the often overlooked citizens of Sonoma County. Counseling and psychotherapy are critical treatment components for abused, victimized and traumatized men, women and children. The clinical director will assess the client’s needs and preferences in order to refer the ideal therapist. Our staff of licensed therapists is trained in a variety of approaches. Each therapist has a private office and is available for appointments to accommodate your schedule when possible. Counseling services are free of charge to InterFaith Transitional housing residents.

InterFaith therapists address the root causes of homelessness and abuse, and supports clients through the difficult but necessary process to examine, understand, resolve and come to terms with the past. Counseling provides a safe, confidential environment and restores mental health, trust and self–esteem. We understand that one’s past does not define one’s future and creating new patterns of behavior and thinking is the path to achieving one’s goals.