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Reunification Programs

In response to an unmet need in the community, InterFaith Shelter Network developed a programs for single mothers who have lost custody of their children

The Rabbi Michael A. Robinson Mother/Child Reunification Program serves mothers in the process of reuniting with their children in collaboration with Sonoma County Child Protective Services and other applicable agencies.

Participants are selected after application submission and a personal interview. The selection process includes a background investigation and correspondence with coordinating agencies (i.e. Child Protective Services, SC Parole or Probation Department and other applicable organizations).

Family stabilization–physical, mental, emotional and fiscal–is always the first priority; parent/child reunification (as applicable) is a parallel goal. IFSN holds participants to a high standard of accountability. Supportive services assure successful outcomes. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive case management: participants meet with case managers (weekly) to monitor individual goals, progress, challenges and appropriate resource linkage.
  • Mental health services: individual, child and family counseling services are provided weekly for all residents. Psychotherapy is conducted by licensed clinicians.
  • Parenting Education: participation is mandatory in weekly parent education groups, and coordinated educational services provided by the California Parenting Institute (CPI), and County Public Health Nurses (RN) who provide home visits.
  • Coordinated recovery and relapse prevention services are provided via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Drug Abuse Alternatives Center (DAAC) Peri–Natal and Outpatient programs.
  • Financial Assistance: participants are required to secure temporary benefits through mainstream resources as applicable (TANF, Medi–Cal)
  • Employment preparation and skill–building (e.g. the Goodwill Transitional Employment Program).
  • Nutritional Food Program — IFSN provides ingredients for healthy meals (with focus on protein and fresh produce–biweekly food distribution).
  • Transportation Assistance: weekly allotment of bus passes.

The unification program was facilitated specifically for single mothers and their at–risk children.  Successful reunification are reflected in the outcomes.  Annually, an average of 90% of the program participants are successfully reunified!