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The intersectional issues related to homelessness are overwhelming. While the team at IFSN does all we can to meet the complex needs of the underserved, we need your help.


The majority of these households have been members of Sonoma County for 10+ years & cite not being able to afford rent as a primary reason for current housing instability. While these data points can be overwhelming, there is hope! Want to explore how you too can be part of the solution?

Consider a Gift To IFSN

A gift to IFSN is an investment in people and ending homelessness in Sonoma County.


Your support continues the mission of providing housing and a hand up for homeless men, women and children in Sonoma County in an atmosphere of dignity, respect and kindness. Help us provide direct support to our clients in the form of guidance, education, therapy, rental assistance, transportation to and from job interviews, moving expenses and more.


Gifts also allow our staff to meet a range of client needs with individually tailored programs and services that adapt to the complex realities of homelessness. 


Make IFSN a part of your giving plan, you will be directly helping end homelessness by supporting IFSN in their mission to end homelessness in Sonoma County in an atmosphere of dignity, respect and kindness.

child standing in doorway


A Foot in the door

A donation of up to $50 can cover the average rental application fee and transportation costs to view a potential rental. IFSN prepares the client with our Housing Literacy Program which helps empower people to be prepared for their housing search by providing mock landlord interviews & a Renter’s Portfolio.

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Folded Bedding on Tatami Mat


Sweet Dreams

With donations of around $250 we're gratefully able to supply a twin bed, bedding, and blankets for an individual. Think of the comfort, safety, and health that a good night's sleep can give!

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Moving Boxes


Making A House A hOME

Generous donations of $500 or more go a long way to make a house safe, functional, and ready for happy memories. Dishes, cookware, bedding, and cleaning supplies are some of the items that your dollars can purchase for a new tenant.

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Image by Jean Carlo Emer

UP TO $1000

Building a Community Together

$1000 can contribute to the required deposit for a new home. Did you know that when IFSN covers the rental deposit, that deposit is refunded directly to the tenant for their next home, helping to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness!

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Use the power of your purchases to help IFSN support our community. Register with Amazon Smile and make (IFSN) Interfaith Shelter Network your charitable organization at no cost to you.

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We've carefully gathered a list of the most needed items for the folks/families that IFSN helps/uses services.. View our list below. We update it regularly to include current needs of the graduates of our programs.

Parent and Child at the Supermarket

Make your purchases count.


How to register your credit card, select your charity, and use the power of your purchases!


IFSN operates several housing programs that support newly homeless and underserved individuals and families that are often without basic household goods and personal items. We have an active basic needs list that we accept new and gently used items year-round that we update and add to regularly. Please see below for our currents requests. 

Empty Room

YOU CAN Make a difference!


● Gift Cards

● Coats

● Rain gear

● Socks

● New Children’s Toys


● Gift Cards 

● Towels

● Blankets

● Bedspreads, Quilts, & Comforters

● Twin Size Sheet Sets


If you have wish list household items for drop-off or would like more information about our program needs. Please email IFSN.


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