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IFSN is a solution-oriented organization focused on resolving homelessness in Sonoma County one lease at a time. IFSN uses the Housing First Model across all programs in conjunction with other evidence-based practices to ensure ethical service delivery.


IFSN’s core values include equity, dignity, respect & integrity.

image of older man

"because of IFSN's commitment and assistance, I live in a very beautiful apartment and live independently."

OUR Services

IFSN provides an array of Housing First services, all working towards the goal of resolving homelessness in Sonoma County. Services include transitional housing, rapid rehousing, housing navigation & stabilization, intensive case management, free psychotherapy, financial assistance & education, landlord liaison services & resource linkage.

Why Housing First?

Imagine not having a safe place to go home to or a front door to lock at night. Housing First, an evidence-based approach acknowledges people must have access to basic needs - a safe place to live, food, and water - before being able to pursue personal goals and purpose. Central to the Housing First approach is the belief that anyone experiencing homelessness should be connected to permanent housing as quickly as possible and that agencies like IFSN must work to remove barriers that prevent that from happening. 

Keys To The New Place

Resolving homelessness one lease at a time.

picture of mother and child


deserves to have a good neighbor 


deserves the chance to be a good neighbor.

Populations We Serve

IFSN serves homeless households in Sonoma County. The agency has specific programs dedicated to:

  • Veterans

  • Families

  • Formerly Incarcerated

  • Adults with Disabilities 

  • Foster Youth

Transitional Housing

IFSN is a longstanding provider of Transitional Housing Services in Sonoma County, opening the first location in 1999. Transitional Housing is designed to provide interim housing for people moving out of homelessness. These programs provide people with autonomy, privacy & a dignified path to resolving homelessness. 

young boys looking out a window
"Our family will be forever grateful to IFSN!"
Image by Patrick Perkins
"I am proof that the money donated to this program allowed myself and two children to procure a safe, healthy and comfortable apartment."

Rapid rehousing

IFSN aims to house over 200 households a year. We have developed a streamlined teaching process that allows people experiencing homelessness to address barriers and obtain permanent housing as quickly as possible. IFSN has also been a key collaborator in creating county-wide Rapid Rehousing Standards and has assisted landlords across the county in successfully keeping rental units filled. 

Clinical INTERNSHIP Program

IFSN provides clinical supervision & a comprehensive learning experience for interns working towards LMFT or LCSW licensure. IFSN offers a broad range of clinical experiences for emerging clinicians who are interested in working with trauma, dual diagnosis, homelessness & crisis response. The learning environment is supportive, fast-paced & collaborative and the agency is proud to employ multiple seasoned licensed professionals that are available for consultation and supervision. 

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